The Insight pages are the heart of the Hub. The Partners identify key Themes that they want to explore in order to bring the facts to life and to assist those who are looking to understand the major issues affecting people living with sight loss. 

For each Theme, the Partners ask the researchers to collate, analyse and assess the available research, information and other source material to draw together a new and consolidated Insight into that Theme.  The Partners then agree this Insight for publication.  It is therefore the agreed position and understanding of the Partners.  It is original work that draws together and assesses the sum total of existing sources of information. 

Understanding the terms we use

Themes.  Themes are the top level topics that the Partners wish to address as they have a particular importance or relevance to people living with sight-loss.  The Themes are designed to inform and stimulate research, policy development, improved service delivery, fundraising opportunities and journalistic enquiry. 

Insight.  The Insight provides a comprehensive, plain language review and interpretation of the current data and knowledge available relating to the specific Theme.  It is designed to aid understanding of issues relating to people with VI in the UK, and to inform and support decision-making processes. 

Headlines.  The Headlines provide a brief summary of the main issues identified in the Insight.   

Preview.  The Preview is a short, animated video that is designed to bring the Headlines to life in an engaging and simple manner.  It may be the best start point for understanding and exploring the Insight.

Employment Theme

Employment is a key area in which people living with Visual Impairment (VI) face barriers. The experiences of VI adults of working-age, including the challenges associated with employment, are significant. The research available highlights not only the personal financial and wider economic implications of these challenges, but also the social and emotional impact experienced by working-age adults with VI.

Mental Health Theme

People living with Visual Impairment (VI) may be at greater risk of developing mental health conditions, such as depression and/or anxiety. The association between VI and mental health may be determined by the significant impact of VI on an individual’s functional ability, activities of daily living and self-identity. The research available calls for greater recognition of the psychological impact of sight loss and for mental health support to be available throughout the eye care pathway.

Get involved

If you have research or other useful information to share or you wish to share a news story that might benefit people living with sight loss or the sector please do get in contact. You can use the details on the Contact Us page or click on the button below.