Visual impairment and depression: Age-specific prevalence, associations with vision loss, and relation to life satisfaction

To our knowledge, no study has obtained specific estimates of depression for young and middle-aged adults with visual ...
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Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders. Global Health Estimates

This booklet provides latest available estimates of the prevalence of depression and other common mental disorders at the ...
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The prevalence of anxiety symptoms and disorders among ophthalmic disease patients

This study aims to clarify the estimated prevalence of anxiety symptoms and disorders among ophthalmic disease patients.
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High Prevalence of Untreated Depression in Patients Accessing Low-Vision Services

Depression is common in those with a visual impairment and particularly so in those seeking help at low ...
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The Prevalence of Depression and Depressive Symptoms among Eye Disease Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

The prevalence of depression among different eye disease patients varies across studies and has not been systematically reviewed. ...
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The Economic Burden of Visual Impairment and Comorbid Fatigue: A Cost-of-Illness Study (From a Societal Perspective)

Methods: This cost-of-illness study was performed from a societal perspective. Cross-sectional data of visually impaired adults and normally ...
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